Perfect hygiene in the most beautiful design: durable, economical, sustainable.

Medifa's room elements are so cleverly designed that they meet the high hygiene requirements of operating rooms and intensive care units. And despite their hygienic performance, they can withstand a price comparison with conventional, more hygienic solutions at any time.

Whether new construction, renovation or renovation - who saves time, which also saves costs.

The prefabricated components for your project guarantee short expansion times and optimized project workflows. The wall elements can be disassembled and reinstalled in a few simple steps without special tools.

For new construction or modernization, the system offers you maximum planning freedom, including individual design of the panels. In the case of renovation, broken tiles or old sheet steel panels can be hygienically clad with the RooSy room system from medifa.

Hygienic quality made of stainless steel, individually made for you:

The elements form a hygienic, self-contained unit - completely without silicone joints.

The individual elements are so dense to the substructure that the system also withstands overpressure or underpressure.

Walls and ceilings are resistant to (hospital) usual cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Walls and ceilings meet the structural requirements for radiation and sound insulation.

On request, the elements can be additionally coated antibacterial

Unlimited design options: The panels can be powder-coated in color or digitally printed with any motif, harmoniously matched to your concept and your corporate design.