Perfectly formed hygiene in the most beautiful design: Durable, economically, sustainable.

The room elements of medifa are so cleverly constructed, that they fulfil the highest hygiene requirements of operating rooms and intensive care wards. However, despite its high performance hygiene, it can still bear the price comparison with conventional, more vulnerable solutions at any time.

Whether new buildings; modernizations or restorations – he who saves time, saves costs.

We guarantee short dissembling times and optimized project processes for your project. The wall elements can be dissembled and reassembled with only a few hand grips and without any special tools.

With new buildings and modernization, the system offers you maximum freedom in planning, including the individual design of the panels.

Hygienic quality made of stainless steel, individually tailored to your needs:

The elements form a hygienic, closed unit – entirely without any silicon joints.

The individual elements are so airtight in the substructure that the system can resist excessive and negative pressures.

Walls and ceilings are resistant to common (hospital) detergents and disinfectants.

Walls and ceilings fulfil the building requirements of radiation protection and acoustic protection.

If desired, we can additionally treat elements with an antibacterial coating.

Unlimited design options: The panels can be powder- coated in colour or imprinted in digital print with any kind of motif; harmonically adapted to your concept or to your corporate design.