Operating light medifa H!Light

The LED operating lights from medifa enable the surgeon to see optimally during the operation and provide optimal working conditions for the surgeon and nursing staff during the surgery.
Innovative lighting technology, combined with high functionality, enables optimum colour rendering and homogeneous illumination of the working area.
The cold light of the LED surgical light protects the patient's tissue from drying out and is extremely energy-efficient.
The medifa H!Light has a universal handle holder. Tool-free and future-proof is the use of disposable handle, sterile handle or 4K wireless camera system on the same lamp head. A sterile control of the main functions is optionally available.

medifa H!Light - illuminating advantages

Leuchtfeldgröße medifa H!Light

Light field size

Light field sizes from 18 - 32 cm adaptable to all requirements.

For the distances of 0.8 to 1.2 metres frequently required in everyday surgery.

LED Technology

for a homogeneous mixture of cold and warm white LEDs. The mixed light emerges as white light and is evenly distributed over the wound area.
Fokus_medifa OP-Leuchte


Electronic focus through the medifa dual lens system, consisting of 69 versatile lenses in 2 sizes.
No mechanical adjustment of the optical components necessary.

Universal handle holder

All handle adapters fit into the same handle holder.. Tool-free change possible. → unique flexibility: steril., disposable and camera handle