OR Wall system


  • Modular assembling of a self supporting substructure
  • The wall elements consist of powder-coated stainless steel shells and are glued with an 18mm strong plaster board (optionally grinded with V2A)
  • Ceiling high or divided into two or three part elements for easy maintenance
  • Large, smooth surfaces with few joints
  • Individual Design
  • Organized arrangement of installations (sockets, switches and medical gas connections)
The unique, self supporting sub-construction offers you detached capacity from the beginning – perfect for a smooth interaction between all units, as the installation process can be started at the same time. The sub-construction will be delivered pre-fabricated or scalable and boasts a convincingly short assembling time.
Design, freedom of design and hygiene: The RooSy wall system offers a broad range of covering, from polished stainless steel and coloured powder-coated to 3 metre high glass elements. The internal closed-pored sealing tape ensures pressure tightness (against excess and negative pressure). The easy to install and removable silicone joint ensures hygienic and dust tight joins between the elements as well as easy cleaning. All wall elements can be disassembled quickly and in a dirt-free way to facilitate easy access to lower installations.